On sale at our Kombucha Brewery and stores and restaurants around Seattle.

Bottles & Kegs

Half-liter (16.9 oz) - $5

Liter (34 oz) - $8.50

2-Liter Growler (68 oz) - $15

1/6 Barrel (bbl) Sankey keg (5.17 gal.) - $126

Prices include tax. 

Add a refundable deposit of $2 for half-liters, $3 for liters, $4 for growlers, $50 for kegs. You get this money back when you return bottles to anywhere CommuniTea Kombucha is sold.    

kit contents.jpg

Kits & Accessories

Our kit:

  • gallon jar with cloth cover and thermometer
  • 4 oz SCOBY in 1 cup strong starter
  • tea and sugar for one batch
  • instructions

We chose a black tea, called Assam, to grow this SCOBY and starter. This combination is a very reliable way to get started brewing. This is not the tea we use for our kombucha, so kombucha you make will not taste the same.

SCOBY with starter costs $18 (no tax)

Complete kit (including SCOBY) costs $33 (inc. tax)





The above items are also available at wholesale. An alcohol license is necessary to buy our kombucha wholesale.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these items at wholesale please contact us.