• What is kombucha?

  • Where did kombucha come from?

  • There are so many kombucha varieties now, how is yours different? (Why would I buy it, before I tried it?)

  • Why do you use green tea?  Isn’t kombucha usually made with black tea?

  • Why do people drink it?

  • Healthful? Say more ...

  • What are the health benefits of kombucha?

  • How much kombucha should I drink?

  • Does kombucha have much sugar?

    Why doesn’t your label tell how much sugar there is in your kombucha?

    Why don’t you list the species and amounts of microbes on your label, like some other brands do?

    Do the microbes in kombucha survive past the stomach?

    Is there anything dangerous about drinking kombucha? [Dental post]


    Why does your kombucha have alcohol?


    What does Biodynamic mean?


    Why don’t you have flavors?


    Why do you sell your kombucha in deposit bottles?

    Why don’t you fill growlers at your brewery?

    Why can’t I get liters or growlers at PCC?



    About making kombucha at home:

    General introduction and brief discussion

    How hard is it to do?

    How should I think about doing this?

    Difference between continuous brew and bottled kombucha

    Difference between single and double fermentation


    My SCOBY looks weird. How do I tell if it’s OK?

    My kombucha tastes like vinegar.  What did I do wrong?