A crisp, sparkling beverage cultured from organic green tea

CommuniTea Kombucha

Brightens the spirit

Vibrant and authentic, crafted with care by Seattle's original kombucha company  

The exceptional nature of our kombucha depends upon two fundamental decisions:

  • We use green tea: it’s harder to make … but it’s worth it!

  • We allow the alcohol to develop to its natural – low – level. We believe this yields the highest levels of nourishment, as well as allowing the development of refreshing effervescence. (It is not intoxicating – less than 2% – but you must be 21 or over to buy it.)

We do not add additional sugar or flavoring elements of any kind. We do not pasteurize, filter, centrifuge, or otherwise alter our kombucha.

We are committed to utilizing reusable deposit bottles in order to reduce our carbon footprint.

We are dedicated to being a local Seattle business.

It does not taste like most kombucha sold today.
If you haven't tried CommuniTea, give it a try!

CommuniTea Kombucha –
very simple, very real