Brightens the spirit

This is traditional kombucha, crafted with care by Seattle's original kombucha company.

Our highest praise is hearing a customer say, "This is like my Russian grandmother used to make!”


CommuniTea Kombucha is drybubbly and bright

and pairs well with a wide variety of cuisines.

It's not too sweet and not vinegary.

No flavors have been added that would compromise the delicious flavor of authentic kombucha.

Because is it is traditionally made, it contains 2.5% alcohol. You need to be 21 to buy it.


Taste it at more than a dozen pubs and restaurants in the greater Seattle area

pick up your own at a local market,

or visit us at our new brewery in the Central District.


CommuniTea doesn't taste like most kombucha. If you haven't tried CommuniTea, give it a try!

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Columbia City, Edmonds, Fremont, Greenlake Village, Redmond

Columbia City, Edmonds, Fremont, Greenlake Village, Redmond



Friday - Madrona Sunday - Ballard

Friday - Madrona

Sunday - Ballard


We are fundamentally interested in the health of people and our planet. We focus on brewing the highest quality kombucha with the lowest carbon footprint. Our brewing company procedures and distribution strategy are designed to have a low impact on our planet.

  • We use organic and biodynamic tea (you could say it's SUPER organic) grown on the sustainable Makaibari Tea Estate to make our kombucha.
  • All our containers -- we sell it in bottles and kegs -- are reusable.
  • We compost all of our tea.
  • We only distribute our product locally and don't ship long distance. You'll have to come to the greater Seattle area to give CommuniTea Kombucha a try.

Making kombucha sustainably isn't just for fun, it's for our future. We take the health of people, of our community, and the earth seriously and believe that we can make and sell kombucha in a way that supports our vision of sustainability.


Christopher Joyner has been brewing kombucha since 1993. In 2008, he started selling CommuniTea Kombucha in Seattle at the Ballard Farmers Market. In 2014, the company brewed 25,000 liters and it wasn't enough to meet demand. So in 2015, we decided to expand. We found a special place in the heart of the CD (Central District) where we are creating a space for the CommuniTea community.

As of January 2016, the brewery is open for pickups, special events, tastings and teach-ins, Monday - Friday 10 AM to 7 PM Kombucha Bottle & Kit Sales with organic snacks 3 - 7 PM, Saturday 3 - 7 PM. 

Traditional Kombucha or Kombucha-Style Beverages?

Thanks to creative business strategy and good old industrial ingenuity, the marketplace today is flooded with "kombucha-style" beverages. Kombucha-style beverages are designed to deliver products positioned to be alcohol free.

Traditional kombucha-brewing develops a beverage with low levels of naturally occurring alcohol. CommuniTea is Seattle’s only registered kombucha brewery. CommuniTea Kombucha is therefore the only maker licensed to produce authentic traditional kombucha.

We encourage you to make the comparison and experience the difference adherence to tradition can make.


Contact Us

CommuniTea Kombucha Brewery

1409 21st AVE

Seattle, WA 98122

(206) 420 - 6302


Monday - Friday, 10 AM - 7PM 

Saturday 3 -  7 PM